Early Real Photo on postcard

Another example of a pioneer postcard with a small real photo adhered to it has been added. This card show “The Gorge—Victoria, BC” and is from a series, possibly by Atkinson, dating from about 1901.

Pioneer Real Photo Postcards

I’ve added four pioneer postcards bearing real photos. This card series, potentially by Atkinson Bros., based on text and design, seems to be a precursor to the later postcards which embodied full-card real photo images. These four examples are postally unused, from Halifax, but examples span from the Pacific to the Atlantic, dating to about 1901.

Wiarton & Oxenden Real Photo postcards

A new page has been added featuring real photo postcards from Wiarton, Ontario, and the adjacent settlement of Oxenden.

Real Photo postcards

I’ve begun migrating some of the no-longer-accessible content from the old website format into the current site format for my Real Photo Post Card (RPPC) collection. I’ve started with a section on cards from the Bruce Peninsula. I’ll add more sections as time passes.

Pioneer Postcards with Real Photos

Real photo postcards began appearing early in the Twentieth Century in Canada, however, prior to the widespread use that came with the availability of affordable cameras for everyday use, professional photographers began producing images which were glued to the faces of printed postcards. A new page has been added to the site showing example of this type of card.