P.D. Ayer Series 8

An example of P.D. Ayer’s Series 8 has been added, showing card AYR8-002, as designated in Mike Smith’s The Canadian Patriotic & Heraldic Postcard Handbook 1897-1945.

Another anomaly—PD. Ayer card with Atkinson image

Another Atkinson Bros. anomaly—a P.D. Ayer card with an image taken from an early Atkinson Bros. card. Was Atkinson Bros. material being sold off to other publishers?

P.D. Ayer Series 7

P.D. Ayer & Co.’s Series 7 cards have been listed on the site on their own page.

P.D. Ayer & Co.

PD Ayer S5-002
I’ve added an update for P.D. Ayer & Co. to bring that publisher into the new site format, and to reconcile the numbering system to match revisions in Mike Smith’s listings in the second edition of his patriotic handbook.