Short paid to Bermuda 1904

This 1904 undivided back postcard by B.C. Fairfield & Son, Stationers in St. Catharines, Ontario shows “Greetings from St. Catharines, Canada” with a scene from Thorold Mountain to Merritton. The card bears a 1¢ KEVII stamp postmarked in Merritton on February 8, 1904, and mailed via New York to Miss Millie Newcombe in Prospect, Bermuda, c/o Serg. J. Newcombe, Royal Engineers, Prospect, Bermuda from her cousin Henry. The back bears a pair of short paid markings.

The Royal Engineers 27th Company (Submarine Mining) had been permanently reassigned from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Bermuda in 1888 (part of the company had been split off to create the new 40th Company, which remained in Halifax), where they continued to maintain the mine defences to protect the harbour. In 1900 the Royal Engineers Submarine Mining Companies also assumed responsibility for operating electric searchlights defending harbours.

P.D. Ayer Series 8

An example of P.D. Ayer’s Series 8 has been added, showing card AYR8-002, as designated in Mike Smith’s The Canadian Patriotic & Heraldic Postcard Handbook 1897-1945.

Franz Thiemer Southeast Asia

99 Cochinchine
Another small posting of Franz Thiemer cards, this time from Southeast Asia.

Franz Thiemer Africa & Middle East

57 Alexandria
Another group of Franz Thiemer cards has been added, covering some of their issues in North Africa and the Middle East.

Franz Thiemer Caribbean cards

160 Cuba
I’ve added a couple of postally unused cards from the Caribbean, and a card from Denmark. There is at least one other card from Cuba.

Franz Thiemer Japanese cards

122 Japan
Several examples of Japanese cards produced by Franz Thiemer have been added.

Franz Thiemer & Co. filling in some blanks

200 Russia
I’ve filled in a few more blanks in the list and added some additional cards from Australia, the US, and Russia.

Franz Thiemer & Co. additional cards

134 San Francisco
Further additions to the Franz Thiemer listings have been added, this time with several cards from the USA.

J.C. Wilson early postal stationery

Wilson 1878
I’ve posted an early (for my collection) use of a J.C. Wilson & Co. advertising use of a postal stationery card, postmarked August 17, 1878. I’ve also updated the Franz Thiemer catalog-in-progress and added another card from this series, this time from Iceland.

More Franz Thiemer & Co. cards

132 Sidney
I’ve added some additional cards into the site, none of which are Canadian this time around, but instead represent some other areas of the world depicted on these cards. I’ve also updated the site with an updated catalog-in-progress of the cards of Franz Thiemer & Co., with about 140 of the ±200 cards identified to date.

Franz Thiemer & Co. additional cards

156 Quebec
Another Canadian pioneer postcard example from Franz Thiemer & Co. of Dresden, Germany has been added, along with more from that worldwide series dating to about 1899.

Toronto Litho Canadian Cities Series Business Use

An example of Toronto Litho’s Canadian Cities Series showing vignettes of Montreal has been added. This card has been used by Dominion Express Company for advertising delivery of Christmas packages at rates superior to those of registered mail.

Toronto Litho Warships Christmas use

A very nice used example of Toronto Litho’s pioneer patriotic series featuring ships of war of the Boer War era, in this case the Nymphe sloop. has been added. This card bear’s the company’s Christmas Greeting on the front, with the address and a 1¢ Jubilee + 1¢ QV Numeral stamp cancelled December 26, 1899, paying postage to England on the back.

A new pioneer series added

157 Franz Thiemer Ottawa
A couple of months ago I acquired a “Canadian” postcard, postally used in 1899, seen here, that was from a series I hadn’t encountered before. Reaching out to a couple of members of the Toronto Postcard Club as to whether they were familiar with this series, a very knowledgeable response came back from Andrew, who then proceeded to share a wide selection of other cards that he had acquired in this series featuring scenes from other parts of the world. He also had a theory explaining the peculiar attributes that cards in this series shared, and followed up sourcing further info on the publisher from Helmfried Luers, a German expert on European postcard publishers, who provided further insight. Intrigued, I’ve acquired more cards from the publisher, "Franz Thiemer & Co." (trading as "Compagnie Comet”), which I’ll be adding as time passes.

Early Real Photo on postcard

Another example of a pioneer postcard with a small real photo adhered to it has been added. This card show “The Gorge—Victoria, BC” and is from a series, possibly by Atkinson, dating from about 1901.

Toronto Litho Christmas Greetings

I’ve added another example of Toronto Litho’s Canadian Cities Series postcards with a reduced size version of their Christmas & New Year’s greeting on the reverse. Although unused, this particular card design dates from between 1898 and 1900.