The Province Publishing Coy. Ltd.

Province Ad 1
I’ve added several cards from The Province Publishing Coy. Ltd. and B.C. Printing & Engraving Corp. Ltd. of Vancouver. The B.C. Printing & Engr. Corp. Ltd. arose from a name change in 1899 from the The Province Publishing Coy. Ltd. Both of the The Province Publishing Coy. Ltd. were used for business advertising, with the backs printed with Mellon & Scott, Shipping, Financial & Insurance Brokers, 419 Cordova Street, Vancouver B.C.

New site design

The old website was built upon a long abandoned platform that was slowly becoming more erratic, and which, for several months, has not been reliably publishing updates. As a result, I’ve commenced rebuilding this website following a new format that increases the size and display of some of the better material that you will encounter here. As a result, other updates will be a bit thin while I transfer material across to the new format. As the full content of my old site hasn’t yet been redone, I hope to add greater depth over time. I hope you like the new format!