Early Real Photo on postcard

Another example of a pioneer postcard with a small real photo adhered to it has been added. This card show “The Gorge—Victoria, BC” and is from a series, possibly by Atkinson, dating from about 1901.

Toronto Litho Christmas Greetings

I’ve added another example of Toronto Litho’s Canadian Cities Series postcards with a reduced size version of their Christmas & New Year’s greeting on the reverse. Although unused, this particular card design dates from between 1898 and 1900.

G.W. Thomson update

Another card from George W. Thomson & Son of Goderich has been added. This card was postally used to Wolseley, NWT, and bears a Wolseley, ASSA postmark dated September 9, 1904. Wolseley, (2016 population: 372) is a rural municipality in Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan officially joined Canada September 1, 1905.

I’ve also upgraded navigation options across the site, allowing for less use of the menus to go from page to page.