Toronto Litho to Algeria 1903

The Toronto Litho Canadian Cities Series pioneer postcard was part of correspondence between two women, Madeleine Ellis in Toronto’s Rosedale neighbourhood at 66 Glen Road, the other, Martha Antoine, in Staouéli-Trappa, Algiers in Algeria. Staouéli is a municipality in Algiers province, Algeria.

In 1843 the Trappists obtained a grant of 2500 acres of land on the site of the Battle of Staouéli (fought on June 19, 1830 during the French conquest of Algeria) where they built a monastery where 100 monks lived and worked. The card appears to be addressed to the vicinity of the monastery, which is no longer active.

The Order of Cistercians of the Strict Observance (also known as “Trappists”) is a Roman Catholic contemplative religious order, consisting of monasteries of monks and monasteries of nuns.

Toronto Litho Sports Series to Holland 1900

This Toronto Litho Canadian Sports Series pioneer postcard was mailed with a 2¢ QV Numeral stamp from Toronto with a Flag “A” cancel dated February 5, 1900 to Meersen, Holland, and shows a Meersen receiving cancel dated February 16th.

Toronto Litho to Hungary 1901

A Toronto Litho Canadian Cities Series postcard showing Toronto scenes has been added, mailed with a 2¢ QV Numeral stamp with a Montreal Flag cancel dated October 7, 1901 to Budapest, Hungary, with a Budapest receiving cancel.

MacFarlane Series 72

A new addition to the W.G. MacFarlane Series 72 cards has been added. This card features Vancouver BC scenes as a special pull-out series with multiple views. It has been postally used, which requires 2¢ postage, although the date is not legible.

Atkinson Bros. pioneer postcard

A new Atkinson Bros. pioneer postcard has been added showing the Parliament Buildings in Victoria B.C. The card was sent to Seattle Washington on February 9, 1901.

Galbraith Photo Co.

I’ve migrated my Galbraith material from the old site format to the current site format and added new material.

Pennant Postcards

While I haven’t made a point of collecting this series of private post cards used for business advertising in the late twentieth century, I find the series intriguing for the bold graphic design. The series is characterized by the use of pennants of various types as part of the card design. I haven’t seen a publisher’s attribution on cards of this series, but I’d be interested to know more if anyone has any further information.

Toronto Litho Christmas overprint

This Canadian Cities Series card with one of the Toronto designs shows the text “Wishing You A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A happy new year.” on a ribbon along with sprigs of holly. This card is not postally used, although bearing a 1¢ Jubilee stamp, so the date is unknown, however it most likely dates to 1902.

W.G. MacFarlane Evangeline July 1902

This W.G. MacFarlane postcard series with Evangeline’s profile, showing “Cape Blomidon, near Wolfville, N.S.” The card was mailed from Wolfville on July 23, 1902 with a 1¢ QV stamps to Westport Point, Massachusetts, USA.

Below, the reverse of the card, with a July 24 receiver.

W.G. MacFarlane to Argentina 1903

Another early W.G. MacFarlane patriotic postcard, card no. 26 from Series 24B, showing the pink version of the City of Halifax crest, has been added. This card has the earliest Private Mailing Card back, mailed June 23, 1903 from Halifax with a 2¢ QV numeral stamp (a week before the KEVII stamps were issued), to Argentina. The card bears a June 25th NYC transit marking.

Quebec Greetings update

Another card from this unconfirmed publisher has been added to the listings of this series. The card was mailed from Quebec to France where it was received in 1902. Since one of the two stamps has been removed, the date the card was sent is not clear.

T.N. Hibben & Co.

I’ve created a new page for the cards of T.N. Hibben, Fr. Müller and Ottmar Zieher.

MacFarlane View Cards

A new page showing early MacFarlane view cards has been added, including this 1902 example.

Semple & Luke update

Another card back for Semple & Luke’s SEL-001 pioneer patriotic postcard series has been added.

W.G. MacFarlane Series 9

A new MacFarlane patriotic postcard series, number 9, showing the crest of Britsh Columbia, has been added.

Toronto Litho Quebec City "Private Post Card"

An example has been added of Toronto Litho’s pioneer postcard Canadian Cities Series Type I Quebec City card with the scarce occurrence of the text “Private Post Card”. This text appeared early in the issuance of the series, in keeping with postal regulations.