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Looking West From City Hall
No. 30

Below, reverse of card, postally used from Toronto August 22, 1906 to Bay City Michigan.
The printer’s attribution reads “No. 30 Douglas Ford , Publisher, Toronto”

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Toronto Looking South From City Hall Tower
No. 302

Below, back of card mailed from Toronto on November 6, 1905 to Norwich, Ontario, with a November 7 receiver.

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Hon. Geo. Brown Monument Queen’s Park
No. 304

Below, back of card mailed locally within Toronto on May 17, 1906.

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McKinley-Darragh Mine, Cobalt

Below, back of card mailed from Cobalt on July 23, 1906. Note the changed printer’s attribution, which now reads “Douglas Ford. Printer, Toronto”.

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Scenes from Cobalt

Four views from Cobalt, Ontario, showing O’Brien Office, Cobalt; Foster Mine, Cobalt; Prospect House, Cobalt; and Bank of Commerce.