A Precursor to the Series?
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In what appears to be a precursor to the series shown below, in 1901 the King’s (Queen’s?) Printer published a patriotic postcard encouraging immigration to Canada through the offering of free farms. The card shown above may have been part of a series, however, no other cards have been located at this time.

The card appears to have been printed by the Toronto Litho Company, as it bears similarities in design and printing style, and uses vignettes from the company’s Canadian Cities Series first published in 1898.
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Other Similar Series
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Wm. Pearson Co. Ltd. of Winnipeg issued a series of postcards to attract settlement in Western Canada. At least one of those postcards, pictured above & below, used the motif of the King’s Printer design.
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Knowles & Co. of London, Ontario, published cards that had a similar design to the King’s Printer series, as shown here.
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The King’s Printer Series
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To Canada
For Investment in Canada

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Below, an example used to advertise Winnipeg as a destination for investment.
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The Granary of the World

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Canadian West
“Spying out the land”

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Homes for Millions in Canada

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A country of swift changes

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Homes for 50,000,000 people in Western Canada alone

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The Only Drawback

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The New Belle

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The National Song of Canada

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Thousands of Settlers are Moving to Canada

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John Bull dons a new fancy waitcoat

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Beginning a Home in Canada
10 Years After