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An example of a scarce destination for a J.C. Wilson pioneer patriotic postcard, sent from Niagara Falls to the Consul at the German Consulate in Nicaragua in August 1900, with a Nicaragua receiving cancel.

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A Greetings from Montreal postcard mailed from Montreal to Uruguay, with a New York transit cancel dated May 25, 1902.

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An early W.G. MacFarlane patriotic postcard, card no. 26 from Series 24B, showing the pink version of the City of Halifax crest, has been added. This card has the earliest Private Mailing Card back, mailed June 23, 1903 from Halifax with a 2¢ QV numeral stamp (a week before the KEVII stamps were issued), to Argentina. The card bears a June 25th NYC transit marking.
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A Arthur Strauss Inc. patriotic postcard showing Dominion Square, Montreal, mailed November 19, 1903 to Lima, Peru, with a New York transit cancel dated November 20.

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This Warwick Bros. & Rutter patriotic postcard shows a Dufferin Terrace, Quebec, mailed August 8 1904 to Chile, with a New York transit cancel.
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A McCoy patriotic postcard mailed from Saint John, NB to Bermuda, on June 24, 1904 cancel, and a Bermuda receiving cancel dated June 30, 1904.

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A W.G. MacFarlane Series 14 patriotic postcard used to Prospect, Bermuda, to the daughter of Sergt. J. Newcombe of the Royal Engineers, postmarked July 30, 1904.

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This postcard, showing the Dominion Iron and Steel Company’s Blast Furnace Power House and Open Hearth, was mailed from Sydney, NS, to Fort de France, Martinique, and bears a July 6, 1904 receiving cancel.

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This Montreal Import Co. postcard showing Académie de Jésus-Marie, Sillery (pres Quebec), mailed on December 12, 1904 to Buenos Aires, Argentina, bears a New York transit cancel dated December 14, 1904.
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This Niagara Falls postcard was mailed to Costa Rica on March 15, 1916, and received March 30, 1916, with transit stamps.

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