Albertype Update

A series of updates to the Albertype listings have been added, including creating a new page for postcards from Dawson, Yukon Territories, published for Landahl’s Emporium of Dawson.

Another anomaly—PD. Ayer card with Atkinson image

Another Atkinson Bros. anomaly—a P.D. Ayer card with an image taken from an early Atkinson Bros. card. Was Atkinson Bros. material being sold off to other publishers?

Additional McCoy Series 6 additions

A couple of additional postcards from McCoy Series 6 have been added—but with the twist that these cards both have back associated with Atkinson Bros.

John Walker & Co.

Another card from John Walker & Co. has been added, showing the Colonial Buildings, Charlottetown, postally used in 1903.

CVCC Series 8

A new page has been added featuring the Series 8 cards by the Canadian View Card Company.

McCoy Series 6 addition

Another interesting version of this series, using red ink for the caption and image, similar to the Owen Sound card, this one being from near Coleman, Alberta.

Small Town Ontario

I’ve started a new page featuring postcards from small Ontario towns. It is a page that will be added to over time. One of the side effects of the pandemic is that I have more time to spend updating my web sites…

Toronto Litho Christmas Greetings

Several more examples of Toronto Litho’s Christmas overprint on their Canadian Cities Series and their Royalty Patriotic Series have been added.

The King's Printer

For years I’d been missing one final postcard from the patriotic series by the King’s Printer. I recently filled in the missing card, No. 200 of the series.