Recalling History

Postcards are a compact way of recalling our recent past. Presented in a small format, such topics as the evolution of printing technologies, the interruptions of trade caused by international conflicts, the images of a society no longer remembered by many, and the personal details of the lives of those who may have mailed the cards, can all be evoked.

There are many people the world over who collect postcards, and almost as many different reasons for those people to collect cards. Postcards have been cited as the worldwide third most popular collectible after coins and stamps.

Some may collect cards of a region, large or small, or of a broad or narrow range of topics, or they may collect the cards as examples of postal history, studying the cancellations or the stamps on the cards themselves. Others may find postcards remind them of their past, or their recent ancestors' pasts, or they collect postcards as a means of illustrating some aspect of interest, or as a cross cultural study, or a study in social history, or as a means of traveling virtually through space and time.

For whatever the reason, for those people who find collecting to be of interest, postcards have become one of the more popular types of collectibles.

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