W.G. MacFarlane

The postcards of W.G. MacFarlane are extensively catalogued in the second edition of  “The W.G. MacFarlane Picture Postcard Handbook, 1910-1910” by Michael J. Smith, a book that is essential for the collector of this prolific Canadian postcard publisher. The series numbers shown below relate to Mike Smith’s book.

Series 7—Quebec

Series 11A—Ontario

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Acadian Series

Series 19—St Catharines

Series 8A—Yukon

Series 4A—Canada

Series 13—New Brunswick

Series 21—Toronto

Series 5—Canada

Series 9—BC

Series 24D—Halifax

Series 12—Quebec

Series 6A—Royal Crest

Series 24B—Halifax

Series 1—Red Ensign

Series 14—Nova Scotia

Series 24C—Halifax

Series 2—Union Jack

Series 3—Crossed Red Ensign & Union Jack

Series 4B—Canada (Gold)

Series 6B—Royal Crest

Series 10—Manitoba

Series 18—Winnipeg

Series 20—Hamilton

Series 24A—Halifax

Series 23—Quebec

Series 16—Vancouver

Series 22—Montreal

Series 11B—Ontario

Series 8B—Yukon

Series 17—Calgary

Series 15—Victoria

Series 25A—College Crests

Series 72—Multi-View