Toronto Greetings

These patriotic postcards are characterized by the symbol of a multi-coloured maple leaf on the front of the card. With the text “Toronto Greetings”, each of the postcards shows an image of a Toronto scene, The publisher is not identified. The earliest postmark seen on the cards dates to 1904. The reverse of the card reads “Souvenir Mailing Card”, and has been designated as Series UNK19 by Mike Smith.

Stream in East Rosedale

Rosedale Ravine Drive

The Old Mill, Humber River

Scene at Toronto Island

Postcard Back

A Bend in the Humber River

Scene in High Park

Sick Children’s Hospital

Humber River, Toronto

St. James Cathedral

A WInter Scene (Jarvis St.)

Season’s Greetings

A similar series by the same unknown publisher (denoted as series UNK18 by Mike Smith in his Canadian Patriotic & Heraldic Postcard Handbook 1897—1945 Volume 2), is similar to the series above, but with a red back and a larger maple leaf with the text “Season’s Greetings” rather than “Toronto Greetings”. This series appears to have been issued for the 1903 Christmas season.

A Quiet Nook—Humber River, Toronto


Postcard Back