Patriotic Greetings

This series of patriotic postcards from an unknown publisher feature the words “Greetings from” followed by the place upon which the series is based. Thus far, both Quebec City and Charlottetown series have been identified.

A Caleche

Steamship Minto in Ice

Queen Square

Card back

The cards appear to date from 1901, and feature monochromatic scenes, together with coloured patriotic crests.

The Quebec series bears the Latin motto from the Seal of the City of Quebec, with the words “Natura Fortis Industria Crescit”, (meaning “Strong Nature Prospers by Work”), as well as the lion and shield taken from the City Seal, along with a crown and the words “Greetings from Quebec”.

The Charlottetown series shows the Coat of Arms of Prince Edward Island, with a lion and a unicorn, and the text ”Parva Sub Ingenti” (“the small under the protection of the great”, motto of Prince Edward Island since 1769) and “Prince Edward Island”.

Victoria Row

Quebec City


Sous Le Cap Street

Chateau Frontenac and Citadel

View From Chateau Frontenac