The McCoy Printing Company

According to Michael J. Smith and William P. Angley in their “The McCoy Printing Company Picture Postcard Handbook, 1900–1910”, Lonzo Fisher McCoy, founder of The McCoy Printing Company, got his start while working for P.D. Ayer & Co. of Moncton, New Brunswick, a postcard publisher in the early 20th century. He subsequently set up his own printing company and began publishing postcards from Moncton. The series numbers below are from the Smith & Angley handbook.

Series 4

Series 17

Other Series

Series 23

Series 5

Series 8A

Series 2

Series 10A

Series 11

Series 18

Series 6

Series 7

Series 9A

Series 10B

Series 12A

Series 12B

Series 13

Series 14

Series 16

Series 8B

Series 15C

Series 19

Series 1

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Series 9B

Series 14B

Series 15A