Warwick Bros. & Rutter Ltd. Publishers

Warwick Bros. & Rutter, Publishers was one of the three big Canadian-owned, Toronto-based publishers early in the 20th century. This publisher created a wide variety of postcards in the early days of Canadian postcards, many of which were patriotics. In 1903, the company was located at 68 & 70 Front Street in Toronto.

Michael J. Smith’s The Canadian Patriotic Postcard Checklist 1989–1928 lists thirty-four different series of patriotic cards from this publisher. The same author, in his The Warwick Bros. & Rutter Picture Postcard Handbook, 1903–1912 provides more than 400 pages of detailed listings and descriptions of the full scope of this publisher, whom Mike Smith describes as the “Big Kahuna” of the postcard publishing in the early 20th century.




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