Social History

Soldiers taking position Streetcar Strike Winnipeg 1906

Mobbing a St. Charles Car

Streetcar Strike Winnipeg 1906

Streetcar en route to shed after encounter with mob Hamilton 1906

Waterloo Mfg. Co. steam tractor & thresher

The study of social history is something that can be readily undertaken through collecting postcards. Below are a small selection of examples.

Civil Unrest

Steam Engines in Everyday Life

Elevating ice into ice house by steam, Hamilton Bay

Steam tractor at garage

Steam geared vehicle


Logging camp No. 17

Blind River, Ontario

Sawing wood

Grade 2 Class

Oil rig workers

Drilling water


Methodist Conference

Steam tractor 1915

Steam tractor

Shoal Lake Manitoba, 1915


Picnic at Shurman’s Point

Ferndale 1930

Group of men

Barrel of fun 1908

Ft Frances 1913