Collections by Publisher

Exemplary work has been done by many deltiologists, particularly those working in concert in such organizations as the Toronto Postcard Club, whose members maintain a database of the Canadian postcards of Valentine and Sons, and Warwick Bros. & Rutter. The work of people like Michael J. Smith in his The Canadian Patriotic Postcard Handbook 1898–1928, or his The W.G. MacFarlane Picture Postcard Handbook 1902–1910, or The Warwick Bros. & Rutter Picture Postcard Handbook 1903–1912, as well as Smith and Angley’s The McCoy Printing Company Picture Postcard Handbook 1900–1910 have advanced the information available on important Canadian postcard publishers.

Here are some links to small samplings of Canadian postcards, or postcards featuring Canadian subjects, from publishers from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Atkinson Bros.

Toronto Greetings

W.G. MacFarlane

Henry Garner H.G.L.

Knowles & Co.

Canadian View Card

P. D. Ayer & Co.

McCoy Printing Co.

Summerside Journal

Local Toronto Publishers

With the surge in interest in collecting postcards that occurred in the early twentieth century, a whole range of smaller postcard publishers also came into being, and just as often, winked out of existence shortly after. Some of these publishers are unknown, and remain only through the evidence of their printed cards. For examples of these cards, please check here.

Publishers Operating in Canada & Internationally

Publishers Operating primarily in Canada

The Albertype Co.

Toronto Litho Co.

John Walker & Co.