A new pioneer series added

157 Franz Thiemer Ottawa
A couple of months ago I acquired a “Canadian” postcard, postally used in 1899, seen here, that was from a series I hadn’t encountered before. Reaching out to a couple of members of the Toronto Postcard Club as to whether they were familiar with this series, a very knowledgeable response came back from Andrew, who then proceeded to share a wide selection of other cards that he had acquired in this series featuring scenes from other parts of the world. He also had a theory explaining the peculiar attributes that cards in this series shared, and followed up sourcing further info on the publisher from Helmfried Luers, a German expert on European postcard publishers, who provided further insight. Intrigued, I’ve acquired more cards from the publisher, "Franz Thiemer & Co." (trading as "Compagnie Comet”), which I’ll be adding as time passes.