Ottmar Zieher

Canadian Stamp Card

The Province of British Columbia

No. 52

Postally used in 1908

The illustration of the cherry tree in pencil on the face of the card is by the sender.

Note the lack of simulated postmarks on this version of the card.

This patriotic postcard shows reproductions of stamps from late in the reign of Queen Victoria and early in the reign of King Edward VII. It is one of two cards in a series published by Fr. Müller, San Francisco, California. The card is printed in Bavaria by Ottmar Zieher for Fr. Müller (as noted on the right margin of the card). On the left margin of the card is found the text: "Carte philtelique deposée. R.R.G.M 222 744 Ottmar Zieher, Munich (Bavière)." Ottmar Zieher also published similar cards for T.N. Hibben as well as under his own name.

This card above is known in Smith's The Canadian Patriotic Postcard Checklist as MUL-001, and is considered scarce. A second card in a similar series, by Ottmar Zieher directly, with the embossing that highlights the images on this card, is shown below:

Below, the reverse of the card above.

A card designated by Smith as ZEH-001, is shown below.

Note that no text is shown in the left margin.

Below, showing the the embossed back.

Below ZEH-002, without the embossing of the card above

Below, a unused reverse of ZEH-002.

Below, a detail from the front of MUL-001.

Below, a copy of HIB-003, a version of the card printed by Ottmar Zieher for

T.N. Hibben & Co. of Victoria BC, showing the Parliament Buildings in Victoria.