R.B. Andrew Private Post Card

R.B. Andrew’s Private Post Card

Authorized For Transmission Through The Canadian Mails

By The Government of Canada By Affixing P.O. Dept. Stamp

Postmarked with  Bowmanville August 9, 1895 circular date stamp cancellation

on a 1¢ Small Queen no. 35 stamp

mailed to J. Coates & Son, Prescott, Ontario

With the recent innovation of Canadian private post cards on January 1, 1895, R.B. Andrew saw it necessary to inform those encountering this postcard of the legal nature of its use. The card was published by J.L. Jones Engraving. Co. Toronto. The firm, located at 168 Bay Street, J.L. Jones, proprietor, specialized in engraving and electrotyping.

Below, reverse of card

No. 8 of a series, the card provides a lesson in good luck in business, as well as touting the merits of

The Morris Piano from Morris, Field, Rogers Co., Piano Manufacturers, Listowel, Ontario.