Norwich Union

Norwich Union

Fire Insurance Society of Norwich, England

Established 1797

Losses Paid $60,000,000

Private Post Card

Return in 10 Days to

Kings General Insurance and Loan Agency

Truro, N.S.

postmarked May 2, 1902

on a 1¢ QV Numeral stamp

sent to Edward Fulton, Esq., Bass River N/S/

As shown by an inscription to the lower left of the cathedral engraving, the card has been printed by the Alexander & Cable Co. of Toronto, publishers formerly known as Alexander, Clare & Cable around 1882, then Alexander & Cable Co. Run by a Scotsman, Alexander, and a Torontonian, Cable, in 1888 they were based out of the Mail Building at 106—110 Bay Street with 20 employees. By 1912 they were known as Alexander & Cable Lithographing Co. Ltd.

Below, the reverse of the card