Niagara Falls, Summer

Niagara Falls, Summer 12

showing painted vignettes of

The Rapids and the Old Suspension Bridge

An American card postally used from Canada

Below, detail of image showing

Copyright 1897 by American Souvenir Card Co.

According to J.R. Burdick in his book Pioneer Postcards, the American Souvenir Card Co. (127 Duane Street, New York, NY),  had ambitious plans for an extensive series of 30 sets of pioneer postcards, however, only eleven sets of 12 cards each were issued before January 1, 1898. The publisher went out of business early in 1898, after publishing a total of 15 sets. One of these sets featured Niagara Falls in Summer, another in winter.

Below, reverse of card

showing “Patriographic” trade mark registered

postmarked Niagara Falls, Ontario

with a 1¢ KEVII stamp

and a Pasadena California cancellation dated July 30, 1904