John Walker & Co. Ltd.

John Walker & Co. Ltd. of Farringdon House, Warwick Lane, E.C., London, England was a publisher of books as well as a number of postcard series, including their Geographical Series. Postcards from the Geographical Series featured engraved maps by J. Bartholomew & Co. of locales from around the world. John Walker & Co. Ltd. published a number of atlases from at least 1890 through the end of the first decade of the 20th century edited by and featuring maps engraved by J.G. Bartholomew, F.R.G.S., F.R.S.E, and it appears the maps shown on their postcards were drawn from these atlases.

The Canadian postcards included maps with black & white vignettes of local Canadian scenes. The cards, with undivided backs, appear to date from 1903. An extensive listing of the Geographical Series cards are found here. Canadian card include numbers 440–445, 452–454, and 810–817, and possibly others.

Ice Shove, Montreal

No. 445

Lachine Rapids

No. 444

Queen Square, PEI

No. 453

Typical Undivided

Card Back

Bow Valley, Banff

No. 811

Halifax, NS

No. 817

Dominion Square, Montreal

No. 443

Victoria, B.C.

No. 812

Typical Divided

Card Back