Fletcher Mnf’g. Co.

Fletcher Mnf’g. Co,

Soda Fountains, Bakers’ and Confectioners’ Supplies

440 & 442 Yonge Toronto

Private Post-Card

Malt Extract, Almond Paste, Vanilla, True Fruit Syrups

postmarked Dec 25, 1900

with Carlton Street Toronto postmark

on a pair of 1¢ QV Numeral stamps

sent to The Eastlaine Co., Newbury, England

Below, the reverse of the card

In Kenneth Rowe’s 1981 publication The Postal History of the Canadian Contingents, Anglo-Boer War, 1899–1902, published by The Vincent G. Greene Philatelic Research Foundation, he notes this design, shown as Figure 48, was “a typical example of a commercial patriotic design of the period”.

The card is also available in a variant to this design, pictured below. This card has been postally used on March 29, 1899.

Below, the reverse.