Canadian Order Woodmen of the World

Canadian Order Woodmen of the World

Head Office:

London, Canada

Private Post Card

bearing a Small Queen 1¢ no. 35

January 1, 1897

not postally used

Joseph Cullen Root founded the Modern Woodmen of America in 1883. Following a dispute in 1890, he was thrown out of the society, and went on to form the Woodmen of the World fraternal benefit insurance society. The organization spread from its roots in the midwest American states westwards in the USA and northwards into Canada. In addition to death and disability benefits, the Woodmen of the World also included a burial benefit. The group offered benefits to men aged 16 to 52, although a women’s auxiliary was also formed. Woodmen of the World took steps to maintain the secrecy and mystery associated with its ceremonies, following in the steps of other fraternal societies. They used symbols of the ax, wedge, and beetle and sawed-off tree trunk

By the 1920s, half the population of the United States belonged to at least one fraternal organization.

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January 1st, 1897

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Canadian Order Woodmen of the World

London - Canada

March 1, 1897

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March 1st, 1897